Friday, September 14, 2012

Learning New Things: Fondant Cupcakes

After a couple of years thinking about taking a cake decorating class, I finally did.  And I had a lot of fun!

This first class was an opportunity to get familiar working with fondant.  We worked on cupcakes, which were a nice small size that didn't require too much rolling, and used white Wilton fondant.  To get the different colors, we mixed in the gel colors ourselves, which is way cheaper than buying colored fondant and means you don't need to keep lots of colors in inventory.

In two hours, here are the cupcakes* I made:

 And some close ups:

If you have experience with things like ceramics or papercrafting, I think working with fondant is a natural extension.  There is a lot of fine motor skill involved.  I think the greatest challenge for me is being artistic while trying to be consistent--cutting the fondant into pieces of consistent shape and size will take me a lot of practice.  The idea of making a whole batch that look the same is a bit intimidating!

*Next time, I plan on taking the pictures right away.  I dropped a couple of these while packing them up to bring home.  Oops!

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