Friday, August 19, 2011

Food for Kids: Inspiring a Love of Cooking

I am so grateful for the fond memories I have of watching and helping my mom cook when I was little, and I want to give my son those same experiences.  But Little E seems a bit too young for that right now.  Until he stops grabbing at everything and starts to have a longer attention span, I want to give him something else to do.  Enter imaginative play!

I am thinking of getting E some play fruits and veggies to go in a play kitchen.  There is such a wide variety in play kitchens!  Some look just like an adult kitchen and would take up a whole wall.  I am leaning toward getting the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen.  A friend of mine has it in blue, and it is sturdy, easy on the eyes, and not too big.

Do you have a favorite product or brand to recommend?  What were your favorite food-play activities?  (Mine was "running" my own restaurant with a friend.  Our signature dish?  Rainbow salad: red tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow peppers, green lettuce...and blue salad dressing.  Not blue cheese, just ranch with blue food coloring!)