Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello, everybody, so glad to see you!

Welcome!  I love food.  Does that make me a "foodie"?  In any case, this passion seems to run in my family.  My grandmother left behind dozens of recipe cards, carefully typed out with a typewriter.  My mother added dozens of new recipes she found through the years.  While I was growing up, I watched my sister experiment with bread baking, and now she is trying out cheese making and other culinary experiments.  Being the younger sister, I grew up enjoying what everyone else made, but somewhere along the way I discovered that I loved more than simply eating.  I loved trying new ingredients, new recipes, and new techniques.  I loved trying out dishes that other people made, true, but also produce that other people grew.  Recently my love of taking photographs spread to delighting in photographing food being made.  My husband's interest in the science of nutrition was contagious.  And since I became a mother, planning food for our small family has become a hobby of culinary exploration, creativity, and thriftiness.

As you might surmise, I spend large portions of my free time thinking about and engaged with food.  And I decided that instead of keeping these food experiences to myself, it would be more fun to share them.  This blog is my forum for that sharing.  Check out the Sneak Peeks page to find out the upcoming posts I am planning.